Refuge is a charity providing specialist domestic violence services. This radio

spot retells the fairy tale of Snow White, mentioning some typical behaviours in

an abusive relationship, for women to recognize and seek for help.



Francesca Van Haverbeke (Copywriter),

Anne-Grit Maier (Art Director)




Password: fairytale



The script is read out by a soft woman’s voice, in the way a mum reads a fairytale to her kids.


Female VO:


“Once upon a time Prince Charming told Snow White how fair she looked. Snow White blushed, what a charmer he is, she thought. The Prince told her what an elegant dress she was wearing; how wonderfully the wind played with it when she walked through the forest, but maybe it was a bit on the short side though, it was showing off her ankles.

He said her hair looked beautiful, but he said a princess should use washing up liquid and not shampoo, so it wouldn’t be too shiny.

She wanted to go and see her friends the 7 dwarfs, but the Prince said they were a bit too friendly and maybe she shouldn’t see them anymore. She was sad but agreed because she didn’t want to make the Prince angry, because he could get so angry sometimes…”


“What starts as a fairy tale might not end as one.

That's why refuge is here to help. To find out more visit”